Stop Remembering Passwords

Store passwords and other important information in a safe, encrypted vault on your phone or tablet.

What is HexaVault?

HexaVault is a secure digital information vault. It is a password manager and more.

Safely store and organize your passwords and other important private information in HexaVault.


What Can You Store in HexaVault?

Passwords and Login Information

Passwords to Websites, Apps, Computers, Servers
Combination Locks, Digital Keys and PINs
Software Serial Numbers

Financial Information

Credit Cards, Debit, Charge, ATM and Gift Cards
Bank Accounts
Insurance Policies
Investments and Retirement Accounts

Personal ID Documents

Government Issued ID, Tax ID, School or Employer ID
Driver's License
Membership Cards, Library Cards

Personal Information

Medical Prescriptions and Records
Subscriptions and Membership Details
Warranty and Servicing Information
Vehicle Details
And everything else that is important to you!


  • Information encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit key.
  • Encrypted vault remains on your phone/tablet and not on a server/cloud.
  • Auto locking of vault after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • Take backup of your vault on your preferred cloud drive or on your storage device.

Templates for Common Types of Information

What sets HexaVault apart from other password managers and digital vaults are predefined templates for various types of information.
A template is a predefined list of fields about a specific type of information.
You can modify and create your own templates.

Quickly Find the Information You Want

Access the information you want quickly with the ever-present search bar.
Need to see your bank account details? Want to login to a website and need the password? Just type in a few characters and access the information you need.
View the information or copy it to device clipboard.